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Singapore is a well-established country with vast economic development and diverse culture teamed with the latest technology almost spanning in every field. The country has a 24-hour operation like that of New York- the city that never sleeps.

Because of technology, and the mentality of Singaporeans to work non-stop, and because people don’t really have the time anymore, buying goods and services online had been popular for many years now. With this, you no longer have to scour every street and waste your time travelling from one place to another.

The world has become a small place with the advent of the internet. Technology has grown tremendously over time and its impact can be witnessed in several sectors including floral deliveries. Across the globe, you will find numerous online flower delivery services but I am here pointing at Singapore’s online flower delivery business.

Online flower delivery services are popular in Singapore because of its efficiency and convenience. All you have to do is open your laptop, or your iPad, or your phone or anything that can bring you online and with a click of the mouse, you can order flowers to be delivered with personalized messages to any place that you want to. That place can either be an office, airport, hotel room or on the boat provided you have a credit or debit card and you have internet connection.

In Singapore several online flower vendors were able to extend their network of business thanks to the internet. They use online services as their main marketing platform to provide efficient flower delivery service. Here you find a number of packages ranging from valentine flowers, congratulatory flowers, hampers, fruit baskets, anniversary flowers, opening stands flowers, wedding flowers, mother’s day flowers, funeral flowers, newly born floral arrangements, sympathy flowers and many more.

In such a competitive industry, online florists continue to provide the best services to their clients as well as innovating to acquire more. As a result, you can choose an option that best works for you. For one, they have most of the packages that you can think of. Also, you are able to compare and contrast these with those offered by the other florists easily. You can compare not only their designs but the quality of their products and services as well. More importantly, you can see which will best suit your budget. I recommend you go for a florist that not only have the best design and quality but one who has a friendly customer service and prompt flower delivery services as well.

Online platform is convenient in that you can order flowers from anywhere provided you have internet connection. It becomes ideal because you don’t need to spend any time or dime in travelling from one location to another looking for the flowers that best suits your needs. You can rather spend this saved time relaxing and just waiting for the phone call that will thank you for the beautiful and fresh flowers that you have sent. Once you have experienced this, I am quite sure that you’ll never look back again.


Like their counterparts in other parts of the world, Singapore florists seek to serve their clients with unique flower arrangements. Ordinarily, a florist is a person who makes bouquets and other floral arrangements for sale. A Singapore florist may only be a mouse click or a few blocks away from you.

When visiting a local Singapore florist, instead of ordering it online, you will be able to establish rapport with them. You can even wait there comfortably as they make your order. While waiting, you can take a look at the other arrangements and enjoy the smell of fresh flowers around you. Isn’t that worth the travel?

On the other hand, you can choose to order it online and take a look at a variety of flower arrangements side by side, and even from many different shops. If you live within Singapore, they can handle the delivery for you day in and day out.

Finding an ideal Singapore florist is not a difficult task. You could talk to co-workers, friends or relatives. Ask them to recommend a few florists whose services they liked. You can even have them show you photos of the last event they had, such as birthday parties, or a picture of a bouquet they last bought. This will give you an idea about the kind of service the florist can offer. It is also important that you get to understand what events the florist specializes in. Normally, the usage of flowers cuts across office and home décor. A good number of florists are quite talented and there is no function they cannot provide flowers for.

Take a moment and visit two or three shops as recommended. The first thing that will strike you in a Singapore florist shop is its appearance. Check whether the shop is clean and has a fresh smell of flowers permeating throughout. Most florists who take their business seriously put in great effort to make their shops beautiful. After all, they are selling beauty as well.

Go through the flower displays and examine the array of bouquets and other arrangements. Did the florist offer to help? Did he/she greet you well when you entered the shop? These are just but a few questions that will help you measure the standards of your prospective florist. Do the same for the other shops you were to visit for comparison purposes. Make sure that they go beyond the call of duty. When they take these extra mile, it only means that they are not only there to sell, but to take good care of you and your needs.

A professional Singapore florist should connect with you the moment you set foot in the shop. You also need to ask for a portfolio showing what the florist has done in the past. Inquire about the price of your preferred floral arrangement as well. You could murmur something like you were only passing by and you will come back. Once you are done profiling the shops, make up your mind on which one you liked most. With these few tips, buying flowers in Singapore could not get any easier.


Birthdays don’t have to be as stressful just like the time of our mothers. A generation ago, they used to do it all on their own. They had to make everything from scratch to make us happy blowing out candles on our cakes. But nowadays there are many innovative and distinctive online businesses that deal with birthday cakes that can be ordered online and delivered within Singapore. They can take care of our cakes for special occasions, be it planning for a birthday party or looking forward for an ideal after-dinner dessert, or you just want to treat yourself, your friends or family members to a special something.

Many Singapore-owned catering businesses are dedicated to using first-class ingredients. Some have internationally-rated team of Pastry Chefs that bake all the cakes using fresh, high-quality and natural ingredients to ensure that all our birthday cakes offer superior blend, texture, and taste. Most of them bake exclusively to suit our needs and this mouth-watering taste can be delivered anywhere around the country. The cake is guaranteed to arrive right on time as requested so that the birthday boy won’t be crying because of a missing birthday cake, or bridezillas transforming into Hulks because their wedding cakes are not yet in the reception area.

Many are still having second thoughts, and some are just really as control freak as me that we want to be there in person and talk to the baker, or the shop owner to make sure that everything goes smoothly. But according to my experience, when I garnered the courage to try to order online, my cake was even delivered in a stylish gift box that included a gift card and a hand written note of the personal message that I wrote in the ‘instruction box’ of their website. They even offered to write a note for me in case I was running out of time. With a variety of cakes to choose from, it was hard to choose because they were all equally good-looking.

Wherever you want a birthday cake delivered; East or West, North or South, try to call them, place an order and their kitchen will come to life to give you what you want. Aside from that, their selection also included not only cake of different flavors and looks but different prices as well. I wasn’t really restricted to choose from a small number of cakes because of my budget, which was I think in the average. It didn’t make me bankrupt until the next payday.

They delivered my cake the following day. I was quite worried that this might affect it but the cake was packed in a refrigerated package ensuring that it will not get spoiled by the scorching heat. The best part is, I also received the gift looking like it had just come directly from the bakery.

If you are planning a birthday party but you are short on time, give it a try and let them help you pull everything together!


Every time we are planning a party, regardless of its kind, our stress level shoots up like a rocket ship. There are just too many things to do. Aside from the venue which is already hard in itself to decide on, we still have to decorate it. Aside from that, we also have to look for a good caterer. In my case, I don’t even want the cake to be done by the same caterer. I always order it separately to be assured that the cake will be really good.

Last year, when I prepared a birthday bash for my little boy, I came across a magazine article that says we should try cake delivery services in Singapore. At first, like any other consumer, I was adamant about it. What if they give me a different cake? What if it gets spoiled while being delivered? What if the icing gets smudged? All of these questions played in my mind but I decided to give it a try. What I did was to order a cake for testing before the birthday party. And so I clicked on the cake delivery link and I never looked back.

Singaporeans are a very busy bunch of people. Aside from being workaholic, we are also very active in other things, rendering as incapable of baking our own cakes, or scouring the streets and finding the right cake shop. With this cake delivery, you will be saving a lot of time to spend on doing other things. It will be hassle free I tell you! You don’t have to travel to order your cake, and you don’t have to travel back again to get it.

If you are worrying about not being able to taste the cake itself, there are many established shops that have a lot of customer reviews that you can base your decision on. Some customers have very detailed reviews that you can really imagine their experience as if it’s your own.

So, in choosing a cake delivery services in Singapore make sure to follow some simple tips. One, be sure to compare several shops. Do not stick to one. There are many stores out there, each having their own expertise. Start with their bestsellers.

Second, check their prices. Budget is very important in planning a party. It doesn’t have to be cheap; rather, it should be reasonable. Third, look closely at their shop if it is clean or not. Cake shops who offer cake delivery should first and foremost be clean. If the shop is pretty, that is just icing on the cake. Lastly, ask for pictures on how they pack the cake for delivery. It should be on a refrigerated package with appropriate box support. If it is not refrigerated, chances are, icing will melt, or worse, it will get spoiled. If its box is not appropriately supported, this will smudge the icing. You don’t want either of these to happen to your cake. Choose wisely, and this experience will be the deciding factor on how you plan special occasions in the future.


Flowers and its beauty in general attract every eye. Ever since my early childhood, I felt a strange and equally strong attraction towards them. In fact, almost everyone of us have sent or received flowers from someone special at least at one point in our lives. For those who haven’t yet, I am quite sure the opportunity is just around the corner.

Some years back, it was really exhausting to find an expert florist from whom to buy the perfect bouquet. Nowadays, technological advancements, especially the internet, have brought forward the concept of an online florist.

An online florist, such as me, designs a website and launches the website via the internet. Basically, the website displays different creative works of the florist along with its price and delivery time, so we can search the website for the perfect bouquet or other floral arrangements for any special occasions.

An online florist can develop complex floral arrangements. They can create unique bouquets that can definitely catch the eyes of your guests if in case you are going to use it for a social event. If you’re lucky enough to find some florists who go beyond their duty, big orders will also come with lovely small bouquets and decorative boxes. And if your order is big, they can even give you huge discounts. These discounts may come with your online quote, giving you more money to spend on other things for the said event. Usually, big orders can mean wedding arrangements, dining hall decorations, anniversary parties, birthday bashes and many more.

You can discuss the complete arrangement procedure with the florist and they will send their employees to assist you personally. You can also contribute your own ideas. The florist will give a rough virtual design of the venue, you can visualize it, and order the floral arrangements only if you are happy with it. They also deliver personalized bouquets for your crush. And yes, they don’t require her to be your girlfriend first.Who won’t feel great seeing beautiful flowers on their doorsteps?

You can judge the florist with some basic factors such as quality, cost, customer service, experience and ability. In Singapore, we can order flowers from websites and the florist delivers them day in and day out. We just have to place our orders and pay the bill using our credit or debit cards and then you’re assured that the flowers will reach the destination in time. In fact, with online florist we can send flowers internationally, so being in a long distance relationship is not a problem anymore.

We work throughout the day and it becomes next to impossible to search and physically check the flower shops to judge their price to quality ratio. Moreover, most of the florists close at night. With online florist, it’s easy to buy flowers and get it delivered at any time of the day. I think it’s great to have excellent florist websites especially in Singapore, where I can buy all that I want in my comfortable corner.